Zul Ariffin Slammed For Raunchy Scene In A Drama Slated For Release In Ramadan

Malaysian heartthrob, Zul Ariffin drew criticism for the latest teaser of his upcoming drama series, “Perempuan Itu” (That Woman), on TV3 set to be released in Ramadan 2022. The video depicted a stereotypical french maid scene that’s usually found in R21 and adult movies.

He released the video on his Instagram on March 18 but took it down almost immediately after the online backlash started. But in the age of the internet, such videos are immortal as they are promptly downloaded and reshared on various social media platforms.

The teaser had “50 shades of Grey” and “365 days” vibe with the french maid getup and the suggestive whipped cream scene.

Malaysian netizens had a field day criticising those involved in the drama.

Some called out the double standards and hypocrisy of those criticing the show.


Frankly, Zul has had the “daddy” title for quite some time. This isn’t the first raunchy video of his to surface.

It became a debate of other “controversial” movies that were censored in Malaysia.

Some were concerned that the scene would be aired during Ramadan, a holy month where muslims are required to fast and abstain from all vices.

Perhaps the most interesting yet funny comment would be this. He summed up what most people are thinking despite the outward criticism.

Not much is known about the series at the time of writing but social media posts seem to suggest it’s a story about infidelity and repentance. In other words, a typical Malay drama storyline that is very popular in Malaysia.

The series is produced by Erma Fatimah, a well respected filmmaker in Malaysia who is known for her bold and controversial takes. “Perempuan Itu’s” director, Ain Sharif, who directed the raunchy scene, asked netizens to stop slamming Erma Fatima for the leaked scene.

“I directed the raunchy scene. Zul Ariffin shared a director’s cut that probably won’t be aired on TV. It is meant for publicity purposes.”

Zul Ariffin has been trending everywhere since the video was released. It’s safe to assume that it was a marketing stunt that went very well.

Even bad publicity is still publicity right?

Reporter’s Opinion: I am not gonna lie, I was intrigued when my friend sent me the video yesterday before it was taken down. It’s bold for a Malaysian produced series to shoot and release such a scene.

Honestly, I don’t think it would have received such a backlash if the series wasn’t due to release during Ramadan. 

It is normal for people to expect series that aren’t suggestive and raunchy during Ramadan. It is a holy month where muslims observe fasting not only from food and drinks, but from other vices such as smoking, backbiting and watching porn or porn like stuff.

But then again, kudos to the team for an excellent marketing move. You got the whole cybersphere buzzing.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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