Wallet Lost A Month Ago Returned With Everything Intact, Cash & All

A kind act goes a long way and in this case, it did so literally. A Malaysian Facebook user, Traj T, shared how he lost his wallet on the 3rd of October and didn’t expect to see it returned to him via mail a month later.

Source: Facebook, Traj TJ

Traj was devastated when he lost his wallet because the wallet itself holds sentimental value, not to mention that it contained all his necessary documentation. After unboxing the parcel, he was pleasantly surprised to find everything intact. In the wallet, there was his ID card, driving licence and over SGD200 in cash.

The parcel came with a little note from the Good Samaritan by the name of Salina.

Salina mentioned that she found the wallet at a Petronas outlet in Batu Caves and she asked him to contact her when he received his wallet back via post.

Traj was touched by the kind act and decided to meet Salina in person to thank her.

He gifted her a hamper filled with goodies as a token of his appreciation and commended her for her kindness.

Netizens were moved by the random act of goodness and it made them believe in humanity again.

Some shared their own encounters with kind strangers in other countries like Singapore and Batam.

And then there are opportunists like this one here. In Malay, it is called “menyelit”.

Kindness is what makes the world a better place to live in. Such acts should be the norm and commended because everyone needs a little bit of appreciation for the good that they do.

Reporter’s Opinions: A simple kind act will set in motion a chain of similar acts. Thus the phrase, pass it on.

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The concept of paying it forward is an old one but it was first recorded in 1916, in a book titled In the Garden of Delight by Lily Hardy Hammond.

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The contract is simple, a creditor offers to pass on the debt of his debtor to a third person instead of the original creditor. It can be via monetary payments or in good deeds.

When one decides to be kind, it will always come back to you in one way or the other. In the current situation we’re living in today, a little bit of kindness will make a difference. 

So be kind in your actions, be it offline or online. Especially online, as the cybersphere is filled with vitriol and trolls.

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