Viral Video Shows Woman Kicking Little Boy, Netizen Assisting Police In Investigations

A woman went viral for a video showing her kicking a child. Anama O Reilly made the post on Facebook, saying that she pitied the boy who was kicked mercilessly by the woman.

The woman in the video could be seen kicking the boy after what seemed like a conversation that annoyed her.

Netizens were outraged by her behaviour, calling her abusive. They asked Anama to report it to the authorities.

Some wondered about the mental state of the mother.

Some argued that sparing the rod spoils the child. However there is a fine line between using pain as a conditioning tool and outright abuse.

Others were absolutely against what they saw as child abuse. Discipline is needed but not till the child confuses fear for respect.

Eagle-eyed observers pointed out that the boy’s reaction to the kick hints that this wasn’t the first time he was being treated this way.

Sometimes when mental health issues are ignored and left untreated due to stigma, the ones who pay the price are the people around them.

There are those who wondered if this was the tip of the iceberg and if he faces worse behind closed doors.

Many believed that the mother needed mental health intervention.

Anama mentioned that she’s been contacted by the authorities to assist with the investigations.

Child abuse is a serious matter. If you happen to witness one, don’t hesitate to contact the authorities. Your vigilance could save a life.

Reporter’s Opinions: Disciplining a child is necessary but that kick wasn’t. There is no reason for you to kick a child who is smaller than you.

Even if he angered you, there are other ways to express your displeasure. I agree with the netizens, the woman needs help. She could be battling something that is taking a toll on herself. 

Children fearing you is not respect, it shows you are tyrannical in the name of discipline. Don’t be surprised if one day he grows up to abuse you because that was what he learned when he was young. 

Conditioning can go wrong and backfire on you. Remember that.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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