Video Showing Underaged Child Vaping Condemned By Netizens, Complaint Lodged To MSF

Cool parenting is the rage today but enabling an addiction problem is where one draws the line. A TikTok video showing an underage child vaping was condemned by Twitterati when it went viral today.

The child was seen blowing smoke in time with the beat of the background music used in the video. The amount of puffs he took was also quite disturbing for someone in his age range. The video was also shot in Singapore it seems.

A Twitter user, @foreheadfatty raised the issue of enabling smoking in young children when there were those who disagreed with the way it was made viral.

Others chimed in with their own comments with regards to the parent in question.

Some took offense to the video being posted as it may cause the family financial burden if they are reported to the police considering owning an e-cigarette is illegal in Singapore.

And others explain what child protection service actually does.

The Twitter user who first put up the video in a tweet also sent in an email to Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) highlighting her concerns about the health and safety of the child

The video has since been removed from TikTok and the profile is now no longer public.

Owning or selling e-cigarettes and vape devices is illegal in Singapore. It is not a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes as it contains nicotine and other substances.

“Chemical compounds in electronic vaporisers, also called electronic cigarettes, include cancer-causing substances such as nicotine, a highly addictive and toxic chemical found in insecticides. They also contain formaldehyde, which is used as embalming fluid, as well as benzene, which is found in car exhaust. Existing evidence shows that these chemicals pose multiple health risks to both users and non-users.”


Reporter’s Opinions: What the actual fuck was going on in the parents minds when they allowed their child to take a few puffs from the e-cig?

Just because the juices are fruity and funky flavored, it doesn’t mean there’s no nicotine in there. Cool parenting does not include letting your child start smoking young.

We all know the dangers of smoking. While one may not want their child to pick up smoking without their knowledge, encouraging them from a young age won’t deter the behavior. Remember the smoking Indonesian children?

It will just embolden them and make them pick up other toxic habits because of “cool parenting.”

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