TikTokers Offer Themselves For Rent During CNY and V-Day, Rates As Low As $50 Per Day

Singaporean creators jumped in on a TikTok trend of advertising themselves as paid dates for Valentines Day and Chinese New Year. Their prices average around SGD100 for an Instagram worthy date to SGD288 for the full girlfriend experience.

The trend was probably started by a local female user who simply goes by Tik Toker on TikTok who offered her services for Valentine’s Day.

Her offer includes pretending to be married with children. But there’s a catch- children to be sourced by the customer themselves.

Local user offers “first date vibes” for SGD100 and SGD150 to hold hands and take cute pictures. The prices grow steadily exorbitant for the full boyfriend experience package.

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At SGD5000, he will even convince your mother that you’ve found a good guy.

Netizens were quick to call him out as the most expensive service was ironically the most toxic.

Some wanted to compare rates with the infamous Titus. 

Another user, @f0xypony, offers a rather “huat” package priced at SGD288 and her services include following prospective dates to “bainian” which is a meet and greet with oranges and exchanging red packets during Chinese New Year.


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For an additional SGD188, she could also attend family gatherings to have a steamboat meal and cook for you.

Some tried to bargain and offered other payment methods like using skills future credits. After all, it is paying for a skill.

The cheapest deal is offered by _wayneee_ at SGD50 and he will pose as your boyfriend to stop nosy relatives from asking you about your relationship status. He will also drive you around to collect red packets.


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The most enticing offer is perhaps to peel prawns and crabs during dinner for those who don’t like getting their hands dirty.

Besides the usual vaccination question, here is one who is quick to point out that while his rates are low, he will make more by collecting ang baos and at the mahjong table.

Tiktoker matz.c offers a full range from the friendzone to the full boyfriend package. 


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Perhaps the most enticing would be the SGD5K option where he would do anything for the day. Matz.c was quick to point out that he was doing it simply for content and he wasn’t up for sale.

But it didn’t stop netizens from having fun, trying their luck for the SGD5k option. 

The rent a date niche is booming lately with platforms like rent-a-babe offering such services. Festive seasons are a good time to make some money on the side if you have the necessary soft skills to mingle and convince strangers that you’re in a committed relationship.

Perks of offering such services without a platform is that you don’t incur the platform cut. So there’s an idea for enterprising souls out there.

Reporter’s Opinions: For a complete payment of 300 bucks, you’ll get free personal therapist service thrown in on top of the fake girlfriend act.

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I’ve had years of experience being an agony aunt to my friends and strangers.  My sweet as sugar act will impress even the toughest of mothers

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But of course there is a catch. My rates are for 1.5 hours. Anything after that, you’ll have to top up 40 bucks per hour block. Any takers?

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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