TikToker Calls Singaporean Business Out For Islamophobia, Turns Out To Be US Based Company

TikTok user Abu Toz called out an e-commerce company, Playmate, for having Quranic verses printed on the playsuits and swimsuits listed on their page. He initially alleged that the company was based in Singapore, but further research showed that the company is actually based in the US. He was furious, saying that it was disrespectful and called the products “islamophobic”.


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After the controversy, the website has since been suspended.

Abu Toz also mentioned that he lost all respect for Singapore solely because of what he saw and called for the world to hold Singapore accountable for it.

Singaporean netizens pointed out in the comments section that they had no idea such a company existed here and it was unfair for him to hold Singapore accountable for it. Abu Toz apologized for dragging the entire country, claiming that he was upset.

Some netizens pointed out that he should have done more research about the country and the company before calling them out.

Singaporean TikTok user, Midnightsky, posted a video in response to Abu Toz’s allegations.


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She mentioned that to sell playsuits and swimsuits with any religious verses is against the law in Singapore. She also emailed the company and they responded to her email.

Under the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act, it is an offense to insult the religion or wound the religious feelings of another person.

Midnightsky went on to say that people should take the time to find out about the country before lambasting them on social media. She highlighted that even the president of Singapore is a Muslim lady and acts that disrupt religious harmony are not condoned.

Abu Toz posted an apology video, apologizing to the people of Singapore. He said that he wasn’t attacking the people, he was just trying to highlight his concern that such a company exists in Singapore.


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However, thanks to his video, resourceful Singaporeans conducted a thorough research on the e-commerce platform that is allegedly based here in an attempt to prove him wrong. They found out that the address posted on the app was fake. The address is actually registered to an accounting firm.

The firm listed on that address  is Corporate FinEdge Pte Ltd. At the time of writing. it is not known if the company is aware that their address was used by an e-commerce platform or whether they are related to them.

Source: Facebook, Corporate FinEdge Pte Ltd

Update: Corporate FinEdge came out with a statement saying that they are not related or affiliated to the e-commerce platform that used their registered address.

Reporter’s Opinions: This fucker seems to be the kind that likes to incite discord in the name of protecting Islam. Nah fam, you ain’t Islam’s protector and Muslims don’t need your kind either.

Such e-commerce platforms are usually based in China or the US but for some reason, their address would be a random fake one they find on the internet. They could be operating out of a basement for all you know.

Learn to do your own damn research before calling out a country. Your non-apology video is disgusting because you’re defensive, not apologetic at all.

But kudos to resourceful Singaporeans, I am damn proud of y’all for the Sherlock level of sleuthing you did to shut Abu Toz up.

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