Takiyuddin: 6 Lives Claimed In Gunung Jerai Flood Is An Unfortunate ‘Act Of God’

Source: Youtube, Parlimen Malaysia

In the recent parliamentary session of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan, Energy and Natural Resources Minister claims that the Gunung Jerai flood on August 18 which claimed 6 lives is an unfortunate act of God.

Jerai MP raised the issue of how the Government would deal with the area severely affected by the flash floods near Gunung Jerai.

“It is unfortunate and we sympathize with the plight of the victims. However, this is an act of God, it is a natural disaster.”

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To which Anwar replied,

“Don’t blame God for the irresponsible acts of man!”


Netizens in the comments section poked fun at the statement made by the minister.

In a sense, he’s not wrong.

When it’s convenient, remember the divine.

Truly, none as savage as Malaysian netizens and for the right reasons.

The whole debacle started when Port Dickson Minister, Anwar Ibrahim asked him about the ministry’s plan of action with regards to illegal logging activities especially in gazetted forests. Anwar was also concerned by how illegal logging was affecting the ecosystem which can result in flash floods.

Datuk Takiyuddin refuted by saying that he witnessed himself how the trees that flowed with the flood waters had the roots intact, therefore it wasn’t due to illegal logging. He also mentioned that Gunung Jerai is a natural Geopark and that no logging is allowed there.

Takiyuddin went on to say that their efforts can only minimize illegal logging activities and not eradicate it completely.

Reporter’s Opinion: Was he an insurance company owner prior to being a minister? Or was he a lawyer? This excuse is a favourite of these two professions.

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How convenient it is to remember the Divine when you have no proper explanation to such events that could have been prevented.

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Logging needs to be sustainable because the world’s supply of fresh air comes from forests. As human beings, we need to be more environmentally friendly because the world is where we live. There are more than enough people who are burning the world, we don’t have to partake by not acting.

Unless technology has advanced to such an extent that we can migrate to another planet, I’m afraid, we will have to take responsibility for the destruction and act immediately. Climate change is real.

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