Surah An Nasr Recited In An Iconic Takeover By Taliban

Taliban enters presidential palace in Kabul, recites surah An Nasr and salawat upon Nabi Muhammad SAW as a historical statement of the takeover. 

The original footage was part of AJ breaking news video report but the recitation video went viral overnight as it gave a different perspective to the violent trope that is associated with the Taliban. 

You can watch the full video here. 

Historically, Surah An Nasr foretells the victory of Islam by the conquest of Mecca and the allegiance of the people of Mecca to Rasullulah SAW. The recitation of the surah by the Taliban is a power move as it symbolizes their relatively bloodshed free takeover of Kabul after their promise of ending the decades old war.

The world watched the Taliban takeover of Kabul on the 15th of August with trepidation over the future of Afghanistan. Many expressed their concern as thousands of Afghans fled their motherland in desperation.

NBC news reported that the Taliban called for an “amnesty”, urging women to join the government.

“Enamullah Samangani, member of Islamic Emirate’s cultural commission, made the comments on Afghan state television, which the militants now control.

The Islamic Emirate don’t want women to be victims,” he said, using the militants’ term for Afghanistan.”


Despite the current media representation attempted by the Taliban, people are not convinced of the peaceful takeover or the promises of a progressive government with women in it. 


A number of citizens were seen climbing aboard the planes as it was about to take off.

A haunting photo of a US military plane filled with 640 Afghan refugees went viral on various social media platforms, reflecting the fears and uncertainty of the future for these displaced citizens.

Source: Facebook, Qasim Rashid

Perhaps, the most haunting would be a video that captured the demise of two individuals who tied themselves on the plane but fell to their deaths.

 Malala Yousafzai, an activist who was the victim of Taliban brutality when she was shot in the head for standing up for the rights of girls and women’s education made a statement on Twitter. 

Highlighting her concerns over the fate of the women, children and minorities in Afghanistan, Malala urged the world to protect them.

A video of women protesting on the streets against the Taliban, requesting for fundamental human rights such as safety, education and work surfaced online.

Former Afghan Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs voiced her concerns about women’s rights after the takeover in an interview by SkyNews.

BBC news reported of the situation on the ground a day after the takeover.

Source and Credits : BBC
Source and Credit: BBC
Source and Credit: BBC

While the current takeover seems peaceful for now, the concerns of the people are legitimate because of the violent historical record of the Taliban.Reporter’s Opinions: It is a power play in trying to evoke a sense of trust in the hearts of the citizens.

I am not doubting their sincerity because that is between them and God. However the recital of surah An Nasr by someone with a melodic voice is a powerful statement, perhaps to subliminally convince the nation of the coming of the caliphate.

The distrust and wariness is justified considering the bloody regime of the Taliban. I am not going to go into the history of how they came to be because there are records of that online. Do your own research and think.

Maybe they’re trying a different approach now, or maybe they are truly practicing Islam the way it’s supposed to be with love, peace and equality. Either way, time will tell because nothing is hidden from Him.


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Belalang Biru

Written by Belalang Biru

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