Snoop’s Seal Of Approval, Shares Hip Hop Series 16 Baris On Instastory

16 Baris, the social media hip-hop series created by Joe Flizzow caught the attention of legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg.

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Snoop shared his appreciation for the undiscovered talents in this part of the world in an IG story post.

16 Baris was created by Malaysian hip-hop mogul, Joe Flizzow (Johan Ishak) where undiscovered talents from around the Southeast Asia region are featured across episodes.

Source: Instagram, Joe Flizzow

A play on the term 16 bars, 16 baris challenges the scouted talents to rhyme 16 bars in a beat. The episodes are shot in Joe’s barbershop located in Subang Jaya where unsigned hip-hop artists come together to rap freestyle in a cypher, using 16 bars to showcase their prowess with rhythm and poetry.

Source: Facebook, 16 Baris

Joe’s effort managed to snag the attention of many hip-hop artists including the icon himself, Snoop Dogg. Snoop said that 16 baris was a “dope show with unsigned international rappers” and included an episode of the show.

The video featuring Bunga, a hijabi rapper, NOKI K-Clique and Wo Shi Jay went viral after Snoop’s stamp of approval. It was flooded with comments by R&B/hip-hop fans who relived the episode again.

Snoop Dogg is a visionary who understands music has no barriers.

In an IG post, Joe uploaded a screenshot of a Zoom call with members of Def Jam Southeast Asia and Snoop Dogg, suggesting that some big collaboration is brewing.

Source: Instagram, flizzow

The comments left by Def Jam Malaysia and Def Jam SEA IG handles seem to corroborate Joe’s post.

Local artists including Alif Satar, Hady Mirza and Nabil congratulated Joe on what can be said as a monumental achievement.

Netizens chimed in with their own take on the implied project.

Nothing like a toke to get the juices flowing ey, Snoop can attest to that.

Actually the Cindai/Dr Dre remix is quite dope.

Have a listen.

Who is Joe Flizzow?

He was part of the well known hip-hop duo Too Phat with Malique. They went on an infinite hiatus to focus on their solo careers.

Joe went on to find his own label. Kartel Records where he signed many big names in the R&B/hip-hop scene including SonaOne and Altimet.

Reporter’s Opinions: Ayo, to catch the eye of Snoop is no mean feat. 16 bars is as good or even better than Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow.

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Gotta give it to Snoop though, he really has varied interests. He had a cookery show with Martha Stewart where they got high prior to cooking. Clearly all that smoke is stimulating his creative juices and allows him to explore fully.

Yeaaaaaa, those brownies are what you think they are. Decadent.

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Hopefully we can see something big materializing out of the insinuated collaboration. We do have unpolished gems in this region and they deserve to shine.

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