Shopee Investigates Allegations Of Toxic Work Environment, Racist Managers And Sexist Remarks

Shopee is embroiled in a controversy after workplace abuse came to light in a post by wakeupsingapore.

Credits: Instagram, wakeupsingapore

Allegations of a toxic work environment, racist managers and sexist remarks being passed were among the worrying things that surfaced online.

A former employee shared their experience working for Shopee under a business development head who is allegedly sexist and made remarks on female candidates’ appearances after an interview.

One shared their unfortunate experience while being interviewed for an executive position as a person of color.

Using terms like “you’re Malay and 70% of the population here is Chinese”, “your kind”, and “the least performing race”, the hiring manager is allegedly racist towards the candidate.

Others shared their experiences working in a toxic work environment that glorifies the “work late” culture.

The hiring managers allegedly don’t believe in work-life balance and that it’s “good to hustle” when one is young.

While most of the Glassdoor reviews agree that Shopee offers a good remuneration package, it comes at a price.

Netizens flooded the comments section with #boycottshopee.

Certain work cultures should not be emulated because human beings aren’t robots.

Some shared similar experiences in different organizations, highlighting a rather concerning workplace issue that’s on the rise here.

Shopee released a statement saying that they are aware of the allegations and that they are investigating the issue.

Let’s hope the individuals responsible are brought to justice for their toxic work behavior.

Reporter’s Opinions: The tea is damn hot on this one fam!

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After the record breaking revenue Shopee made this year, it’s not surprising that such allegations will surface. All that money means a lot more blood, sweat and tears were sacrificed.

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Controversies can be beneficial for growth, just not at the expense of others who end up being victims of a toxic work environment.

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