RM30,000 For Qurban Rites Done With Wagyu

Hari Raya Aidiladha is around the corner and one particular company in Malaysia is receiving flak for promoting “Korban Wagyu”. For a whopping price of RM 30 000 (SGD 9,784.40), you will have the option of slaughtering a premium Miyazaki cow and donate a portion of it to the needy.

According to the online brochure, the cow will be slaughtered by a JAKIM certified staff in Japan and each participant will be given 50kgs worth of Wagyu beef.

This caused a debate online as netizens frowned upon the extravagance of the ritual that is appealing to the rich.

Most are of the opinion that with RM30k, small business owners should be supported where more cattle can be sacrificed to be distributed to the needy.

According to Asia Harvest Agro owner, Najib Jalil, he is aware of the criticism surrounding the package offered but he mentioned that the purpose of Wagyu packages was to provide a platform for those who can afford it.

Following the backlash however, Asia Harvest Agro decided to offer a more affordable package of RM799 inclusive of meat processing fees.

Aidiladha is celebrated to honour Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice as an act of obedience to God in the Quran. A ritually sacrificed animal is divided into three parts to be given to the needy, relatives and kept for home.

While the package is targeted at those who can afford it, the price tag kind of defeats the purpose of the ritual.

Luahan Wartawan: At RM30 000 per 50kg of beef, this company is trying to make quite a bit of money in the name of Korban.

A wagyu certified cow can fetch up to USD30 000, with an average weight of 700 kg. Do the math, it is profiteering from a religious cause.

No one is against making money because at the end of the day you are running a business. But there are limits to everything, especially when making profits from a religious ritual.

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