Restaurant Gains Widespread Support After Misleading Chef Bob Video, Netizens Still Happy To Support

Mat Western, a food stall in Bedok, received overwhelming support after a video featuring the owner posted by Chef Bob went viral. 

Umar Fabrice, who is a Muslim convert, mentioned in the video that he gave up his executive chef career to pursue his dream and still earn a halal (rightfully lawful for Muslims) income. He is an experienced chef who used to work in France and Singapore. Fabrice also used to work in the now defunct European restaurant 7Adam.

Netizens flocked down to the stall to show their support, and the volume was so overwhelming Mat Western had to close early on Thursday as they ran out of food to sell.

Many were glad that they managed to get a taste of the food even though the waiting time was close to 2 hours.

There are those who thanked Chef Bob for introducing to a hidden gem.

There seems to be a controversy after the video went viral as Fabrice took to Facebook to explain the actual situation. It seemed there was a misunderstanding that Mat Western was in dire straits after the video went viral. Chef Bob has since apologized to Fabrice and the public for how his video was misconstrued. His intention was to highlight the amazing food that Fabrice offered and not play the sympathy card.

Fabrice clarified his stance in a Facebook post saying that he was emotional in the video as he was talking about his mother. He also said that his other business was in dire straits and not Mat Western. He hasn’t been taking pay for the past one and half years for the other business entity that he has, not for Mat Western.

Fabrice clarified that he has no intention of borrowing from unlicensed money lenders to keep his business afloat and he thanked everyone for their overwhelming support. 

Netizens were still supportive, saying that misunderstandings do happen but what matters is that Mat Western has increased patronage which will help in business continuity especially post pandemic.

At the end of the day, sustained patronage is what’s important for a food business. If the food and service is good, Mat Western will continue to prosper. 

Reporter’s Opinions:  I don’t know how the video was misinterpreted as a plea for sympathy. Umar and Chef Bob were talking about how sustaining a business post pandemic is challenging.

Umar was talking about his mother, of course he would get emotional. He then talked about his journey as a chef and a hawker, it is normal to be emotional as one reflects. 

Sometimes it’s a matter of perspective and comprehension. Don’t just jump to conclusions.

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Belalang Biru

Written by Belalang Biru

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