Regular Patron Thanked Jollibee For Wonderful Memories After Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer

A regular patron of Jollibee Philippines left an unconventional note after finishing his meal which brought tears to the internet. He was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and wanted to thank his favourite establishment for the wonderful memories. 

Mechelle Centurias, the manager at said outlet was moved when she read the note left by the customer. She expected a complaint which is the norm for most fast food outlets but was surprised to read a heart wrenching sweet note.

“My Jollibee, thank you for 32 years. Today, I will eat you for the last time, because starting tomorrow, I will begin chemotherapy. I have stage 4 cancer. My doctor said that I only have three months. Once again, thank you my Jollibee. Until my next life. I love you my Jollibee.

She shared the note on Facebook which has since garnered over 2000 shares.

Netizens left heartwarming comments under the post.

Most sent prayers down his way.

Some highlighted the significance of good service in people’s lives.

Others suggested that they search for the anonymous soul and provide him moral support.

This soul shared their own experience of being diagnosed with a terminal illness and how one should remain optimistic and to have faith.

It takes courage to remain kind in the face of adversity.

Centurias mentioned that she couldn’t hold back her tears when she read the note. According to Centurias, the customer silently finished his meal at one corner of the store and left the note on the tray. 

To this “brave someone” who just prepared himself for a big fight, we pray for your recovery. The 3 months your doctor gave you can be 3 years or 3 decades or longer. God gives miracles. We just have to believe and strengthen our faith.” – Mechelle Centurias

It is amazing how food is one of the fabrics that strengthens our resolve and conjures sentimental memories that keeps us going. Food will always be the one thing that can unite us all even in times of adversity.

Reporter’s Opinions: Damn who the hell is cutting onions here? 

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It is heartwarming to read such a note from someone who has no idea if he would live to see the three months promised to him. He made the day of the service crew who indirectly contributed to his happy memories of dining in at his favourite establishment. 

Sometimes it takes adversity to give one clarity. It is ironic how we learn to appreciate the little things in life when our days are numbered. We should savour every moment in life, live for the present and be grateful for the simplest things like being able to eat our favourite food or feeling the sun’s warm breath on our skin.

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Let’s use this example to spread kindness everywhere we go, wherever we can. If your words can’t make someone’s day, keep it to yourself. And if you must criticize, let it be a constructive one made in private between you and them.

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Create a positive yet constructive environment for all of us to live in, there is no need to contribute to the toxic anarchist hedonistic movement that’s already festering.

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