Racist PHV Driver Prevents Passenger From Listening To Prayers On Earphones

A recent post shared by wakeupsingapore’s Instagram blew up overnight with over 16k likes over claims of an allegedly racist RYDE driver.

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The driver asked his Malay Muslim passenger not to listen to prayers even over the headphones as it would “mess with the energy” of his car.

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The incident was shared anonymously by a Malay Muslim lady who had a terrible experience hiring a racist and islamophobic driver.

Credits: @wakeupsingapore

She shared the video of her experience, in which she could be heard asking the driver to clarify himself.

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“How do you know I’m listening to prayer or not? I could listen to music what.”

“Because I heard many times before and the feeling, the energy all changed, that’s why.”

The conversation then went back and forth as she tried to make sense of what the driver was implying. 

“I mean whatever I listen to is my business, it’s not your business.”

“Praying in people car is wrong already.”

“But I’m not praying?!”

“Listen also no.”

The driver allegedly sped up after the lady asked him to drop her off, citing that she felt uncomfortable riding in his car. 

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Netizens were outraged by the driver’s unprofessional behavior.

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Some were of the opinion that he shouldn’t be driving and called upon RYDE to take action.

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Others suggested that the driver was involved in the occult thus the fear and feeling “hot” over prayers.

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Credits: @wakeupsingapore
Credits: @wakeupsingapore

Some joked that she should have changed the energy of the car by farting before leaving.

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RYDE responded and said that they take such allegations seriously. The rider has been suspended.

Credits: @wakeupsingapore

Reporter’s Opinions: Uncle you got use barang is it?

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What do you mean cannot say prayers in someone’s car? People of all faiths have said a prayer or two upon boarding a vehicle because it’s a practice of theirs.

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I don’t see it as a racist attack per se. It feels more like someone who is uncomfortable with good vibes that prayers bring because it goes against their personal demons. 

You have all the rights to practice what you believe will bring you good luck and prosperity, but you cannot impose it on others.

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