PSLE Students Allegedly Left Distraught After Being Unable To Solve Math Paper

A recent PSLE Math question went viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons.

It is a question of logic more than function, and at 12 years old, to be given little variables but so many unknowns is rather cruel and unusual.

According to some comments, PSLE students were left distraught and crying after being unable to solve some questions in their Math paper. 

Comments left under the viral Math post ranged from the angry to the incredulous.

Poor Ivan.

One solved the problem, saying that it’s a question of logic rather than mathematical function.

While others started to troll, tiger mum style.

These are valid points.

Some debated on the importance of language, even in Math problems.

This isn’t the first time problem sums caused problems for students sitting for the national exams. Here is one from 2019.

Credit: The Smart Local

Try solving it, see if you’re smarter than a P6 student.

Reporter’s Opinions: Fuck that, who carries that much coins around anymore? Kids deal with notes and some even have supplementary cards.

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If you really wanna teach them something, why not include a question that deals with compounded interests on purchases they make or on the loans that they will eventually take for their University education?

I mean if you really wanna make their lives difficult, might as well teach them something that will be useful for their future, no?

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