Popular Figure Of Female Empowerment Allegedly Used ‘F***face’ Towards Female Talent

Sylvia from Night Owl Cinematics came under fire for her alleged disrespectful comments towards a female NOC talent named Samantha. Using terms like “fuckface”, and “fucking annoying” to describe Samantha, netizens were outraged at the co-founder of NOC who claims to be for women empowerment.

The leaked text messages were first shared on sgcickenrice Instagram account anonymously to shed light on Sylvia Chan’s true colours. Being a public figure who is involved in the advocacy of mental health with various collaborations, it is unbecoming to see how Sylvia treats her own talents.

Source: Instagram, sgcickenrice

The conversations and recordings of Sylvia using cuss words on her employees as well as her misdeeds against them. The various posts alleging that NOC has a toxic work environment started to flow in on sgcickenrice Instagram. Glassdoor reviews seemed to corroborate with the whistleblowers’ recounts.

Source: Instagram, sgcickenrice

Netizens started to call Sylvia out for her alleged abusive behavior and tagged colgate in the comments, perhaps in an attempt to encourage her to “wash her dirty mouth”.

It’s the age of cancel culture, you will reap what you sow unfortunately.

Practice what you preach or try to.

Some were saying that the comments they posted under Sylvia’s Instagram posts were deleted.

Sylvia and the NOC team have been silent since the allegations surfaced.

Reporter’s Opinions: aRe We sTiLL sExUaLiSiNg WoMeN in 2020?

It’s 2021, are we still verbally abusing staff and talents thinking that there’ll be no consequences? I understand shit happens, tempers blow when working in a production, behind the scenes etc but for it to happen a lot, clearly shows that you can’t handle leadership.

The fucking irony is that you’re an advocate for mental health awareness yet you’re oblivious to the impact your own toxic behaviour have on others. The rumours of affairs, overworking employees, favouritism is enough to destroy what you’ve painstakingly built.

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Learn to practice what you preach, off-camera and not just for clout.  Remember, what goes around comes around.

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