Peter Lim And Son Partners With Cristiano Ronaldo To Launch Live Match Super App

Source: Bloomberg

Local tycoon Peter Lim, his son Kiat Lim and legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo come together in a new startup called ZujuGP.

The startup aims to connect commerce and communication with 4 billion fans worldwide, allowing them to watch live matches, purchase merchandise and engage with players. It also wants to make scouting and developing talents easier for clubs, scouts and agents.

Netizens were of mixed views at the news. A number were saying that it is just another money making machine at the expense of a beautiful game.

Some were concerned at the moral and legal implications of online betting.

A quick English lesson for those who need it.

The question that is on everyone’s minds however is…

The question that is on everyone’s minds however is…

The website has since been launched and it features articles from around the region, mentioning how football is a major part of everyone’s lives. 

Source: ZujuGP

An online merch shop can also be found where limited edition items are on a pre-order basis.

$800 for an umbrella, anyone?

Peter Lim is well known for his love of football and is the owner of Valencia CF. However in recent years, Valencia lost faith in him as the club accumulated total losses of 323 million euros under his ownership. Perhaps, this new venture would be a better one for Peter and Cristiano.

Reporter’s Opinions: The idea is good though but it comes with a massive risk of failing. Especially with Lim’s history with football. 

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A quick look at the website makes me feel like the startup aims to be a lot of things. There is an articles section where they touch on issues like art, tech and even health. Somehow, they will link it back to football. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a brilliant move in getting people more involved with social causes however it does feel like “trying too hard”.

But gotta agree on the majority opinion though, it is primarily a betting site. 

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Smart move using CR7 because the man wields a power no footballer in history does. Perhaps, with his influence, ZujuGP may reach the heights that it dreams of.

The name though, why Zuju? 

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