Oops She Did It Again? Fans Worried After Britney Spears Posts Nudes on Instagram

Source: NBC News

Britney Spears’ latest nude postings on Instagram alarmed her fans as they wondered if she’s mentally alright.

Source: Instagram, britneyspears

Her past few posts were photo dumps before she got pregnant, which depicted her nude in 3 different filters.

Source: Instagram, britneyspears

While Britney seems to have the time of her life posing for her own nude photoshoots, her fans are concerned.

Some fans were celebrating her energy.

There are those who asked her to put on some clothes and leave some to the imagination.

Many were concerned over her mental health.

Others either felt bad for the dog or wanted to be the dog.

Britney could just be celebrating her body before it changes in due time with her pregnancy. But with her mental health history, her fans being alarmed is definitely valid.

She was released from her father’s conservatorship in 2021, after 14 years. Conservatorship means her father had control over her decisions as she is considered a legal ward. Britney said that her father’s control was abusive and she wanted him out of her life. Her lawyer and her decided on John Zabel, a Certified Public Accountant to replace her father.

Reporter’s Opinions: I honestly think she’s just celebrating her body before her pregnancy changes it. But amateur nude photography is tacky for someone who is an icon like her.

Let’s hope she’s in a good mental state because she’s had countless mental breakdowns over the years of being a pop icon. Remember the shaved head and going commando under a short skirt?

Yeah, I understand her fans’ concerns.

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