Not So Royal Treatment At Burger King: Family’s Day Out Turns Into Disaster, Staff And Manager Sit By And Watch

A local netizen, Irene Lim (@pillowlim on Instagram), took to Facebook to express her frustration regarding her terrible experience at a Burger King outlet located near Coastal PlayGrove. Her daughter and nephew were sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher by an Indian boy who was seated with his family in the table opposite her family. Even so, the focal point of her experience is the staff members’ unconcerned response to the matter.

Source: Facebook, Irene Lim

Irene’s family of 8 which included herself, her husband, twin daughters, grandparents, sister in law, and her nephew, went to the outlet for dinner after the children’s tuition classes.

As Irene was queuing with her sister in law at the counter to order, they heard a loud explosion and white smoke coming from the direction of where their family were seated. A boy from another table mishandled a fire extinguisher and accidentally sprayed it at her table.

Most of the discharge went into the children’s faces and eyes, causing irritation and redness. As Joanne tended to her son, 2 male adults from the boy’s family approached their table and tried to diffuse the situation.

However, their attempts in resolving the situation were insufficient which caused Irene to call the police for further assistance.

To make the situation worse, no staff members stepped forward to provide aid while waiting for the police. When Irene’s husband chided the manager for taking 20 minutes to respond, he made excuses that they were facing long queues and that they were not responsible for the mishap as the fire extinguisher was missing its safety pin.

Irene’s husband even brought up the point that it is Burger King’s responsibility to maintain the fire extinguisher’s functionality. However, the duty manager remained nonchalant and ignored their request to contact a senior manager or at least close off the affected areas.

She claimed the senior manager was on vacation and she could only call HQ the next day. He did not even provide the children with warm water when they asked for it.

Her family’s ordeal did not end there, as even the take-away they decided to order home had many missing items: 1 cup of tea, 1 cup of coke float, 1 ice-cream, 1 cheese fries and 1 regular fries.

Many netizens shared the same sentiments as her and expressed their anger towards the boy’s family in dismissing the severity of the issue.

However, the main issue still lies with the compromise of the patrons’ safety due to the neglect in the emergency equipment’s usability and the management’s incapability in handling an urgent situation.

Reporter’s Opinions: Ok now, I’m just so pissed at how the boy’s family handled the entire thing. Like your kid made a mistake and you just said it’s a small matter. Can’t you at least take your kid to one side and help the kids who were sprayed with that shit? It freaking hurts. You don’t even bother to help and take the situation lightly and even try to leave. Yooo… If I was there, I would have cursed the shit out of you, no cap.

That’s one. Next, the part where the staff and manager can’t be bothered to help because the store was “busy”. Bruh, it makes me mad knowing that they use the “busy” excuse to make customers and food delivery riders (I used to work as one) wait.

For damn sure you can drop anything you are doing when your customers are hurt in your store instead of giving idiotic excuses. Must someone die in front of you before you take action? Bloody stupid sia… It’s a case of shitty parenting and inhumane staff.

I just hope the kids recover soon. You guys can check out Irene’s IG for more updates.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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