Netizens Praise Show Of Sportsmanship Between Singapore And Malaysia At SEA Games

A TikTok of Mohd Al-Jufferi Jumari doing a ‘sujud syukur’ (prostrating in gratitude) despite losing the silat semifinals at the SEA Games went viral as netizens celebrated his sportsmanship.

The “sujud syukur” is done by Muslims as an expression of gratitude to God.


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Al-Jufferi lost to Singapore’s silat contestant, Abdul Razaaq Abdul Rashid in the semifinals at Bac Tu Liem Gymnasium, Hanoi. He was all smiles despite wincing from the injury sustained to his shoulders and congratulating Abdul Raazaq for winning.

Netizens had nothing but praises for Al-Jufferi, saying that the brotherhood is strong between Singapore and Malaysia.

Al-Jufferi commented on the video, thanking those who complimented him. Among them, celebrities namely Chef Bob and Eizlan Yusof also commended him for his display of sportsmanship.

Some commented on how Al-Jufferi could have pulled out of the competition due to his injury but chose to fight to inspire his 3 year old son who is fighting cancer in the hospital. One asked others to pray for his child.

Sportsmanship is the name of the game. Other athletes should also practice good sportsmanship.

Al-Jufferi said that he didn’t care if he won or lost. He just wanted to stay strong for his son who is fighting for his life in the hospital.

“I’m really not too concerned with my result here. God knows best. I have gone through a lot which many people don’t know about.Even now, I can only think of my son. He’s only three. Every time I see him in the hospital, he is weak and tired. And every time I cry, he will console me and tell me he’s doing okay.” – Al-Jufferi for NST

Reporter’s Opinions: This is what we call sportsmanship! Silat is a beautiful art and the brotherhood in this sport is strong.

As Muslims, the “sujud syukur” is done to express gratitude to God for everything that has gone smoothly. Al-Jufferi reminding his brother in Islam to perform that prostration together shows that he is a man of faith.

With that kinda unshakable faith and prayers from all over, Al-Jufferi will succeed in all of his endeavours. 

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Written by Lintah Darah

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