Netizens Outraged By Grab Super App Outage

The Grab super app was down for both consumers and riders as early as 7.30 am Singapore time. The outage affected the entire Southeast Asia region as complaints started to flow on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Grab released an advisory on Facebook, addressing the outage.

Considering how dependent people are on the platform, it is not surprising to see the collective outrage online at the outage.

Users from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines reported problems with booking rides on the app.

This poor soul was given the map of Singapore instead of the Philippines during the glitch.

Riders groused at the outage because of the loss of income for the day and allegedly, they weren’t notified about the technical issues surrounding the app earlier this morning.

However, Grab seemed to have rectified the issue with a service down message for the partners app.

Some said that Grab should compensate the partners for the loss of income for the day.

Some were able to find the humour in the whole situation.

The outage shows the dependency we have as a society on the Grab app in particular more than we care to admit. Food delivery platforms gained popularity as people got busier (not to mention lazier) to go down and get their own food. Even though the delivery charges are rather exorbitant, people will still pay because it’s convenient.

While it helps create jobs especially for those affected by the pandemic in the past two years, relying on one app for everything from transport to food to payment may not be a wise idea. Let this be a lesson for the giant and the consumers as well.

Reporter’s Opinions: Were they hacked? That is the question on everyone’s minds as the app tried to rectify itself. The outage will cost them more. As reported, they made a net loss of $1.34 billion in Q3 this year due to the suspension of Grab hailing because of the pandemic.

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But there are reports of GrabPay being faulty too and that spells disaster especially when some regions are heavily reliant on it as a form of payment.

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I gotta agree with the sentiments of the general public though. For the amount they charge consumers and the rate that they are paying their riders lately, such a massive outage is inexcusable.

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However, their customer service seems to be working overtime to ensure that their customers are taken care of.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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