NCPC Takes Down Post Featuring Amber Heard Meme, Netizens Ask For More

The National Council for Prevention of Crime Singapore (NCPC) had to remove a post raising awareness for scammers that depicted a popular Amber Heard meme. The meme came to prominence during the defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The hearings, which were streamed publicly, have drawn attention to Amber Heard’s allegedly fake and forced facial expressions.


The meme depicts Heard’s facial reaction after testifying against Depp. She concluded her testimony by saying that her dog stepped on a bee the next day and the statement’s incoherence became a meme that features her face with sentences that rhyme with ‘bee’.


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As part of NCPC’s campaign against scams, they created a series of memes using the Amber Heard’s template. However, they have since removed the post after a few commentators felt it was in poor taste.

But many other viewers understood the humour and even joined in.

Others felt the post should not have been taken down in the first place.

Some went even further, suggesting that the social media manager should have been given a raise for his creativity.

On the other hand, there are those who actually found the meme offensive and were glad that NCPC took it down.

In a statement to Mothership, NCPC said that it wasn’t their intention to demean or insult anyone.

“We thought the expression captured how members of the public might react when they spot the various signs of scams.” –NCPC for Mothership.

NCPC apologised for the post and any offence caused. They also said that they would do better in their efforts to outreach Singaporeans about scams.

Reporter’s Opinions: How was that offensive? The expression on her face can be interpreted as a cringe face. The face you make when someone is telling you elaborate bullshit or when you know someone is lying to you.

The trial is both educational and entertaining. Personally, I think that Amber Heard is trash for fabricating stories of abuse for her five minutes of fame. I have been following the trial and I personally don’t buy her version of the story. And after the verdict, it’s proven she’s trash. People like her are why real victims of domestic abuse refuse to come out and instead suffer in silence. I see her body language, reactions and inconsistencies in her stories. I didn’t believe her at all.

Even the makeup company Milani that created the concealer palette Amber claimed to use to cover her bruises has come out to call her for lying. They launched the palette a whole year after the supposed incidents.

She was a shit actress in Aquaman and this trial shows it all.

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Belalang Biru

Written by Belalang Biru

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