Monkey Steals A Loaf Of Bread And Steal Hearts While Doing So

When you’re desperate and hungry, you will do what it takes to ensure your survival. But a monkey desperate enough to steal and run away with a loaf of bread? Now that is both funny and sad.

In a video post that has since gone viral on Kuanyewism, a monkey is seen casually walking to what seems like a neighborhood supermarket before stealing a packet of bread and running away with it.

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Posted by Kuanyewism on Saturday, August 1, 2020

The monkey was seen trying to open the pack as the one taking the video observed it from a distance. It decided to climb a nearby tree, probably threatened by the human presence around its food. Once it was safely perched on a branch, the monkey started tearing into the bread hungrily without a care for the world.

Netizens were entertained by the monkey’s antics and most of them raised the question of the wellbeing of wild animals who have to share space with humans in a concrete jungle.

Well, at least monkeys understand safe distancing and have a really good reason to not wear a mask.

In a rapidly developing country like ours, a lot of their natural habitats have been compromised and they have to search for food somehow. Animals have to adapt too, else they lose the chance of survival.

Apparently not fast enough to be left alone to enjoy that cream bun in peace.

Reporter’s Opinions: While it is funny to watch the monkey steal like a pro, it is also a reflection of the sad state these animals which are native to our country is in.

Monkeys are resorting to stealing food from humans, the ones at Macritchie reservoir are famous for stealing coke cans.

They are trying their best to share space with us in this concrete jungle, but we must not forget that it was their home first. While I don’t encourage feeding wild monkeys with store bought food, it is time that we look into providing not only space but food for these wild animals to eat.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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