Memes Flood The Internet In Aftermath Of Telco Manhole Explosion

A barrage of memes flooded the internet when the video of Bukit Batok explosion went viral.

Understandably, people started making shit jokes out of the headline.

The Thor memes started flooding in, perhaps in conjunction of the new Marvel trailer, Thor: Love and Thunder that dropped last week.

Some were concerned over Thor’s hammer but all is good.

Maybe the Ninja Turtles got lost while looking for a shortcut amid the flash floods everywhere today.

“Hulk Smash? Hulk smash.”

Other memes including Godzilla and Street Fighter made an appearance from the wreckage.

Special mention: It’s the hungry ghost month, of course there will be encounters of the other kind.

As of now, authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion.

Reporter’s Opinions: It takes one full day of rain and Singapore goes back to kampung days with the flash floods everywhere.

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And all the creative souls to come out and take a jibe at the whole situation.

It was lucky that no one was around when the explosion happened. Imagine the amount of damage and casualty in the aftermath.

However, this meme wins it all. They have Thor, we have Khor.

Source: Facebook, SGAG

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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