Man Makes Paper Covid Vaccine As Prayer Paraphernalia Due To Popular Demand

Masks and QR reader equipped phones were some of the latest paper paraphernalia made for the ghosts in conjunction with the Hungry Ghost Festival. But now, the spirits can also be vaccinated if their descendants choose to burn it for them.


Anything for the safety of the world and to conform to the current pandemic ruling, no?

Shop owner based in Johor Bahru, Raymond Shieh came up with the idea after reading heart wrenching reports of people losing their loved ones to Covid before they could be vaccinated.

His customers encouraged him to make the paper vaccines because they wanted to give them as offerings to their dearly departed.

“I decided to give it a go since I specialise in handmade prayer paraphernalia. It initially took me about two days to make a set with a large syringe and vaccine bottles to mimic the real items.”

Netizens had a fun time discussing which vaccines were up for sale and who to seek if there are side effects to the “vaccine”.

One said that it may offer solace to the ones who lost their loved ones.

Some were saying it is monetizing and insensitive to the families that lost their loved ones.

But others are taking the mickey out of the whole situation.

It all depends on perspective but kudos to Raymond for his creativity. Perhaps, it can offer some solace to those who lost their loved ones

Reporter’s Opinions: Wahhh the way people try to commercialize and monetize even in death eh?

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Why would a spirit need protection from the pandemic? The lack of body means no more bodily functions or restrictions. Therefore, the spirit won’t be afflicted by common viruses.

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But I guess it is more for the living ones here to ease their sadness and some of their burden.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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