Man Complains About SIA Inflight Food, Compares It To Army Rations

Anderson Soh took to Facebook to complain about the inflight meal that was served to him on an SQ flight. He said the pasta he was served was so horrible that army food fared better in comparison.

When contacted by STOMP, Soh mentioned that he was given a miserable portion of pasta which tasted horrible and a small tub of ice cream for dessert. He also said that the passengers were only offered two options for the main course, which was either a vermicelli dish or the pasta.

Some had fun in the comments section, calling out Soh for being fussy about food served in economy class.

There are those who said that Soh should be served army rations next time since he preferred that.

But there are netizens who shared his sentiments, saying that the quality of inflight catering dropped.

A few called out SIA for not answering Soh’s questions.

Soh then mentioned that he was served laksa on his flight back from Bangkok and that was a delicious option.

In reply to STOMP’s queries, SIA said that the new regional economy class meal concept for short haul flights was launched in Dec 2020.

“This comes with a main dish and a dessert, and provides our customers with a greater variety of local Singaporean and international favourites using sustainable tableware. SIA did not compromise on the amount and quality of the food in the new meal concept. We have swapped the traditional casserole for a paper box that holds the same quantity of food but is much deeper. That way, our chefs have been able to introduce a greater variety of dishes to the menu including a wide range of Singaporean favourites such as congee, laksa, and gravy-rich mee siam that were previously not available in Economy Class.” – SIA spokesperson for STOMP

Reporter’s Opinions: It’s airline food. You really think you’d be served a 5 star restaurant meal? If you’re hungry, you can always ask for instant noodles to fill you up before you land or eat at the airport restaurants.

I am sure many can vouch that army rations aren’t better than what you get in flight. But if that’s your taste, no one can tell you otherwise.

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Written by Chap Chai

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