Macdonald’s Staff Mocks Child As ‘Orang Utan’, Netizens Disapprove

A recent Facebook post by Juliana Mohamad went viral recently. She shared her anecdotal experience on how her son, Ridhwan, was labelled “orangutan” (which refers to a species of apes found in rainforests) after he ordered through the self-order kiosk instead of the McDonalds phone application.

Miss Juliana with her family. Ridhwan is second from the right.
“Don’t know how to use the App, Orang Utan.”

Although the original post was taken down, she clarified in a later post that she wanted to let Ridhwan learn independence by ordering alone.

Source: Facebook, Juliana Mohamed

Even as she admitted she should have taught her son to be more resilient, numerous netizens expressed their support and words of encouragement to her son.

At the time of publishing, McDonalds has reached out to Juliana privately after the online fallout.

Reporter’s Opinions: Fuck man. First, it’s Burger King with the laidback attitude about the fire extinguisher situation, now McDonalds. What is up with FNB staff nowadays? 

Either you are cranky or just taking things easy like the whole world revolves around you. No one deserves to get treated like that. Bunch of idiots…

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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