Local Tiktoker Caught Using Expletives On Nurse On Her TikTok Live Stream

A recent live video of Marydelusion, a local TikToker, went viral for all the wrong reasons as it courted the ire of netizens and nurses alike.

Source: Instagram, singapuraa.viral

In the video, Marydelusion was heard cursing at the nurse for not giving her drip and medicine.

“What do you mean we never take care of you?”

“C***b**, you never give me the drip, the medicine also you don’t give me, then you no visitor no one then you want to threaten [to] say the fucking security coming, you think I scared ah?”

The nurse could be heard denying the patient’s claims, saying that she said no such thing but that didn’t stop Mary from countering with another string of expletives.

“L**J*** ah, put words in your mouth. Call lah, call, later I whack your m*****f*****g face!”

It is unclear why the argument happened while Mary was live streaming on TikTok but netizens were up in arms, calling her rude and entitled.

Some said that she should be given the drip since she’s asking for it.

The healthcare industry is stretched thin as it is, so we cannot afford to scare future nurses away with such atrocious behaviour.

Be grateful that you managed to get a bed in a time where it’s scarce and be kind to the healthcare workers.

Imagine if the roles were reversed. Would you take it lightly if you were the one cursed at for being a problematic patient?

Social media has the potential to empower or destroy someone, use it wisely.

The healthcare industry is under a lot of pressure and it does not hurt to be kind to the nurses who are trying their very best to accommodate everyone that is under their care. 

Shortcomings are normal because they are humans too. Learn to be patient as it takes time for medications to be delivered to the wards and treat the healthcare workers the way you want to be treated.

Reporter’s Opinions: Wahh minahrep wanna flex her kaysiao behaviour and it backfired.

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The video is too short to understand what caused the argument but cursing at a healthcare worker is a big no no.

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If you’re just chasing views for your live, well you’re famous now kid. For all the wrong reasons. 

I’ve seen firsthand how short handed the nurses are and there are a few bad apples who aren’t performing their duties properly. But the majority of them are trying their damned best.

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They have to pull double shifts and they are fucking exhausted. Cut them some slack.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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