Local Illustrator Goes Viral For These Brilliant Drawings Of Squid Game Characters

A local designer went viral recently for his Squid Game fanart. His works were reposted by regional Netflix accounts and caught the attention of many. Ali Hanafiah, a self represented graphic designer and art director is well known for his art works. He’s been commissioned by the likes of local and international companies like F1 . 

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, Ali got candid and shared more about his passion and experience after going viral.

Can you give a little background information about yourself as an illustrator?

I wouldn’t call myself an illustrator. I am more fluent in Graphic Design, Digital Imaging & Photography. I still do some pen and paper sketches but not that serious. I started getting more serious on illustrations when I got my first Wacom tablet. From there I started learning the techniques and I watched a lot of YouTube videos on how those superb illustrators do their drawings and from there I developed my own style.

So we heard that Netflix reposted your works. What are your feelings on that?

Of course it feels great! To be noticed by Netflix is a big thing for what I’m doing. But this is not the first. I’ve had John Mayer repost my sketch of him, Stranger Things stars repost my sketches of them too but that’s not the main reason why I did all these sketches, I did all these sketches because I love the shows and I only sketch the characters and shows that I love.

How’s your online presence now post virality? 

It’s really crazy now. I didn’t or we all didn’t expect that Squid Game would be that big! I don’t think I can reply to all the people who DM and comment on my posts. A lot of people are ordering personalized sketches from me and it’s all fully booked for this year. This is the first. So I can say Squid Game sketch did help me get customers in. So I would like to say thank you to them!

Thoughts on Squid Game?

I enjoy every episode but I’m not sure if it’s a show for kids. It’s kind of gore, don’t you think? I have no bad reviews but I have some for the last episode. How I wished he took the airplane and headed to see his daughter. That part really hurts me. Haha.

It is a dream come true to be noticed for one’s art and we wish Ali all the best for his future endeavours and collaborations.

Reporter’s Opinions: His works are amazing really and I am impressed by how humble he is.

Netflix approached him for more work apparently and I really hope this will help him achieve greater heights.

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Belalang Biru

Written by Belalang Biru

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