Lack Of Halal Stalls In NTU Sparked Racially Charged Debate

Racial harmony is something that Singaporeans have been taught to practice and emulate. The recent debate that sparked after Mothership sg’s hangry Muslim students in NTU article however makes one wonder if racial harmony is just a concept.

The concept of halal in general applies to food and earnings, Muslims aren’t referred to as “halal” students.

A tweet posted by Abid, a Twitter user blew up overnight on Twitter as he highlighted those who were unhappy with the article and made an issue out of it. The tweet was shared almost 1.3k times on Twitter.

Cultural enrichment talks about understanding culture like the tweet below pointed out, which some of these commenters sorely lack.

We stan a woke queen.

The racism and sheer ignorance in the comments shows how some are blinded by their own privilege.

It is an issue because everyone deserves the same treatment especially, when we live in a homogenous society.

Freedom of choice means that everyone has a choice in what they choose to believe in.

Again, the lack of sensitivity is astounding.

Despite the tone deaf comments, there are those who understand that the lack of choices for minorities can be depressing.

When you think about it, there are halal options in Singapore that aren’t Malay Muslim owned like most fast food chains.

The article was based on a post made on NTU confessions sometime last year. interviewed students who were affected by the lack of food choices that cater to their religious dietary requirements. Most agreed that they either have to suck it up and eat the same food for four years or travel quite a distance to NIE and other places outside campus.

All these students asked for were more options. 

“Just small changes like having one halal food stall in each canteen in NTU — I think that’s a good start,” she said.” – Ain for

Reporter’s Opinions: The comments section is beyond fucked up. No one is asking for all the stalls to be halal certified, just a few more additions to ensure everyone has more food choices.

I don’t understand the hate and the noise to be honest. Many people regardless of race or religion enjoy halal food options like nasi padang and ayam penyet. Is it a crime to ask for more halal options?

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Open your eyes and realize that most fast food chains in Singapore are already halal certified. I don’t see anyone boycotting McDonald’s at 3 am when they’re drunk and hungry. Y’all queue up for nasi padang and ask the makcik for extra sambal everytime. Makcik stall is halal by the way.

And please, it is 2022. Educate yourself on the concept of halal for muslims. It’s cringey to see things like “halal students” phrases which aren’t used in the way you think they are. They’re just muslims.

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Belalang Biru

Written by Belalang Biru

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