Khabib Offerred A Glass Of Wine By Sir Alex Ferguson, Read His Classy Reply

Khabib Offerred A Glass Of Wine By Sir Alex Ferguson, Read His Classy Reply

Tickled by his response, Fergie then retracted his offer.

Khabib mentioned that his friends know that he eats halal and doesn’t drink.

He said that there are two ways to respond to such an invitation, one is to decline it.

He was offered a drink by Alex Ferguson post game and while he won’t judge Fergie for drinking…

It would spell trouble if he were to accept the drink.

Khabib also added that being a Muslim is not easy however, there is no reason to make it difficult for other people.

Netizens were tickled by his hilarious response, perhaps at the notoriety of Russians and drinking.

Khabib was a surprise guest at Old Trafford for the EPL match between Everton and Manchester United on 2nd October. It is well known that he is a football fan and even signed a deal with a third tier Russian team, FC Legion Dynamo earlier this year.

Reporter’s Opinions: Khabib’s humour is underappreciated. He gladly played up the stereotype without caring of what people would think of him.

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Russians are notorious for being chaotic drunks or not getting drunk at all. Come to think of it, so are Scots. It will be interesting to see the showdown IF he had accepted that drink from Fergie.

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