Kanye West Is Running For President

The political landscape in America is rife with intense speculation that Kanye West maybe running for presidency.

This sparked a debate online after the 21-time Grammy winner posted a tweet expressing his intent to run for presidency on amid the Independence Day celebrations on Saturday, 4 months ahead of the election.

His tweet was met with mixed reactions by netizens, but one individual expressed his support explicitly. Elon Musk, the founder and owner of Tesla replied to Kanye saying that the rapper has his full support.

Earlier this week, Kanye tweeted a photo of the both of them meeting which suggested a possible meeting of minds which sparked a speculation by one netizen, asking if there is a possibility Elon would be his vice-president.

However, most of the debate was centred around Kanye’s mental stability, whether it would allow him to be a good candidate to lead the country which is currently in a dire need of a well-balanced approach and rational leadership.

Some were of the opinion that this was a publicity stunt Kanye pulled to promote his latest album drop and others were rather unforgiving on the choice of First Lady they will get if Kanye becomes president.

Luahan Wartawan: Nothing Kanye does surprises me anymore.

I agree with the sentiment that he is full of delusions, and it cannot be at the expense of a nation that is in dire need of help.

Personally, I feel that a man that agrees to Trump’s administration and showed clear support for a leader that makes questionable decisions cannot be trusted.

It could be a PR stunt for his new album as well, Kanye is known for such moves. He did it before for his album and yeezys which sold out rather quickly for a range of rather ugly sneakers.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out if he is serious about running though and I’d love to know if Elon would really consider running alongside him.

I mean this is ‘Murica, anything can and will happen.

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