International Students Caught Boxing Under HDB, School Investigating

Students from International French School (IFS) went viral for regular boxing matches under  block 157 Serangoon North Ave 1. They were caught on camera by a Facebook user, Henry Ng.

Netizens were not surprised by their behaviour.

The first rule of fight club is that there is no fight club.

Some were of the opinion that such behaviour is common among youths regardless of their nationality. 

According to Henry, it wasn’t the first time the students made a nuisance of themselves. They have been known to smoke, vape, vandalise walls and indulge in public displays of affection in the vicinity. When the police came, the students were seen running and escaping from the back of the block.

In replying to a query from Mothership, Sebastien Bernard, Communications and Events director at IFS said that the school was looking into the matter.

“IFS always takes these situations very seriously, even outside the school, involving its students disturbing public order and putting themselves in danger.Having been made aware of the allegations, the IFS Principal has initiated an investigation with the relevant student services of the school to verify and clarify the facts and take the appropriate disciplinary measures.” – Sebastien for Mothership.

Reporter’s Opinions: Can’t find a boxing ring to let out your aggression is it?

Nobody gives a fuck about the illegal underage activities you’re doing, just don’t be a nuisance. Or find a private place and do it.

It is the age of virality. You’ll be famous faster than one can say bonjour.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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