Insurance Agent Gives, Then Takes Back Balloon From Child, Netizens Call AIA Out For Cheap Tactics

Nazreen Ogisi took to Facebook to share her unpleasant encounter with insurance agents from AIA. In her post, she mentioned that her 2 year old child was approached by one of the agents with a penguin balloon at Century Square, Tampines, and asked her if she wanted one. 

Source: Facebook, Nazreen Ogisi

Her daughter took the balloon and she was then asked a few questions by the agent and when the agent realized that Ogisi did not fit their profile, they apologized and decided to take back the balloon from Ogisi’s child. Needless to say, Ogisi was horrified by the blatant disrespect and sensitivity to her child.

Source: Facebook, Nazreen Ogisi

Ogisi went on to say that such tactics to lure children were cheap as children do not understand the balloon was taken away because their parents did not fit the customer profile.

Source: Facebook, Nazreen Ogisi

Netizens were annoyed by the marketing gimmick pulled by such agents and related their own experiences.

Some pointed out that the staff themselves seemed conflicted about the final call that ultimately came from the company and its managers.

According to Mothership, an AIA spokesperson mentioned that they expect the highest standards of professionalism from their representatives.

“AIA expects the highest standards of professionalism from our representatives.

Marketing activities from our representatives are conducted independently by them. We are concerned by the issues raised and are connecting with individuals affected by this.

We are sorry for the unpleasant experience. We have counselled the representatives involved in this incident.

We have reiterated our roadshow guidelines to all our representatives and are working closely with them to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of professionalism.

The team has also connected with individuals involved to address their concerns.” – AIA for Mothership

Reporter’s Opinions: It is fucking despicable when your marketing tactic includes enticing a child with a balloon only to take it away from them when their parents do not fit your customer profile.

I understand you have your target to meet in order for you to earn your keep for the month. There are other premiums that make more sense for you to use and lure future customers instead of balloons.

Put yourself in the child’s shoes. How would you feel if your brand new toy was taken away from you because your parents aren’t qualified for the freebie? 

Sometimes, it takes a bit of brains and compassion over meeting your KPI.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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