Influencer Accused Of Cheating Sues For Defamation, Has To Give Up Private Correspondences

Source: Mothership

In the latest local influencer drama, Olivia Wu gains access to Rachel Wong’s diaries and correspondence as part of an on-going defamation suit. 

Rachel Wong, a local influencer, sued Olivia Wu for defamation when the latter released a series of Instastories in Dec 2020, claiming that Wong cheated on her ex husband Anders Aplin.


Rachel Wong and Anders Aplin got married in Dec 2019 but it was short lived. Annulment proceedings began 4 months later in April 2020. The marriage was officially annulled in March 2021, according to Lawnet.

According to Mothership, Olivia released the damning stories on her Instagram in December 2020 while the proceedings were still going on.

The IG stories claimed that Wong was characterless, had no intention of marrying Anders, promiscuous and that she was mentally unwell and should seek help.

It is not known of the connection between Olivia, Rachel and Anders.

Enter Desiree, Anders current partner, who released her own Instagram story, insinuating that Rachel did cheat on him.

Her IG story seemed to corroborate Olivia’s allegations.

Netizens had no idea who Rachel Wong and Olivia Wu were until the whole saga was documented.

There’s always the one…

Most can’t be bothered with the whole issue, saying that it is a local imitation of the Depp/Heard saga.
Others were interested in the legal aspects of the case, which is the best part of the drama, honestly.

Rachel claimed that Olivia’s allegations damaged her reputation and esteem as an influencer. 

A State Courts deputy registrar said that Olivia’s claims against Rachel was “particularly damaging” as the latter is a full time influencer. Thus her image and reputation are crucial in obtaining business deals. 

Olivia requested access to Rachel’s diaries and correspondence between her and two men who allegedly had affairs with her while she was still married. These men are namely Han, a gym trainer and Wan, the emcee which hosted her wedding with Anders.

Rachel’s lawyer was against what he called a “fishing expedition” on Olivia’s part that would violate his client’s privacy and confidentiality.

However, the State Courts deputy registrar disagreed, saying that the materials are “plainly relevant” as it would help determine the truth of what both parties are claiming.

The relevant documents to be released to Olivia from specific time periods includes:

  • Correspondence between Rachel and Mr Han from Jun 2016 to Jun 2020
  • Correspondence between Rachel and Mr Wan from Jun 2018 to Jun 2020
  • Rachel’s diary entries involving Mr Wan from Jun 2018 to Jun 2020

Rachel’s lawyer told The Straits Times (ST) that they are “disappointed with the decision” but will “trust and respect the outcome”.

Rachel has submitted a further appeal in another bid to prevent Olivia from accessing the materials.

Reporter’s Opinions: Honestly, reading through the entire saga kinda bores me. It does feel like a rip off of the Depp/Heard saga. And it’s like any other infidelity case, the only difference is that this time it happened to an influencer.

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If you didn’t cheat, then there’s no reason for you to feel violated when your correspondences are requested as evidence. Guilt is often disguised as a feeling of violation of privacy when you have done something wrong and you are not happy that someone found out about it. 

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That’s my two cents about this whole saga.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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