Indonesian TikTok Video About Good Ties With Singapore Goes Viral Amid UAS Controversy

Source: Reuters

Amidst the UAS saga and his supporters calling for the boycott of Singapore, an Indonesian TikToker posted a viral video with over 1.2 million views, depicting the strong bilateral ties between the two countries.


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The video was of PM Lee talking about how despite being a small country, Singapore is the biggest investor in Indonesia. He also mentioned that Indonesia never fails to remind Singapore that they are still 50 times bigger than us and 250 million people strong.

Another video showed the meeting of the two governments in Semarang in 2017  to discuss and strengthen bilateral ties between them.


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The TikTok uploader said that people seem to have forgotten the importance of bilateral ties in the region and how we need each other.

Indonesian netizens shared the same sentiments in the comments section, saying that bilateral ties are important to ensure that their country will be able to grow and learn from Singapore.

Some mentioned that Singapore’s stronger currency makes it attractive for other countries to want investments from us.

And there are those who got sentimental, saying that while Indonesia is where they’re born, they are still thankful to Singapore for the job opportunities.

Singapore and Indonesia have always shared strong historical, cultural and economical ties. However, both countries are independent and respect each other’s sovereign rights. The indonesian government has said that it respects and accepts Singapore’s decision to deny UAS entry. 

Reporter’s Opinions: This is how it should be. We should respect and appreciate each other’s differences.

There is no need to come at each other’s throats for a difference of opinion. No one is denying that UAS is a respected preacher but even preachers can make mistakes.

They are humans, not God.

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