Indonesian Musician Calls For Boycott Of Singapore, Gets Ridiculed By Indonesians Working In Singapore

Wahyu Karenina, an Indonesian working in Singapore slammed Ahmad Dhani, the frontman of popular Indonesian band Dewa 19, when he called for Indonesians to boycott Singapore after Ustaz Abdul Somad was deported earlier this week.


Kita Boikot singapura #UAS #abdulsomad #singapura🇸🇬

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In her video, she mentioned that Dhani had no right to call for a boycott of Singapore as thousands of Indonesians are working here. Wahyu said that Dhani is not an important figure for anyone to respect and should just focus on creating music as a musician in Indonesia.


#stitch dengan @suaraomeng mana kroninya jin botol? mau datang Singapore? nduwe sangu a? 🤣🤣

♬ suara asli – Wahyu Karenina – Wahyu Karenina

She went on to say that Singapore has more than enough Muslim religious teachers who preach with love and tolerance as compared to controversial preachers.

Many Indonesians on TikTok supported her critique of Dhani’s ridiculous call, saying that Singapore has been good to them.

Many said that Dhani needed to reflect on his own life instead of creating content that’s divisive. One asked him if he would be able to pay the thousands of Indonesians that are part of the workforce here if the boycott happened.

A couple of them agreed that Singapore is strict when it comes to religious harmony, which is why the preaching of divisive ideas is strictly prohibited.

Netizens explained to Dhani that Ustaz Abdul Somad isn’t the only one who was turned away because of his hate speech. There were two foreign Christian preachers who were rejected in 2017 for similar denigrating views. One mentioned that Dhani should not bother coming to Singapore if he ever needs medical services. Singapore is one of the top destinations for medical services in the region.

Nothing but respect for Wahyu and the Indonesians who are working here for a better future.

Reporter’s Opinions: I lost it when she called him a “jin botol”. She called him a bottled jinn, possibly due to his appearance and attitude.

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She also went on to attack him personally, saying that it was this attitude of his that made his wife leave him. This woman was out for blood and I love her for it. She’s been working in Singapore long enough to understand the law of the country.

Singapore will always be strict towards anyone who practices and preaches hate speech, divisive ideologies and the like. We are a harmonious multi racial and multi religious country. It needs to remain that way.

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