Increased Workload, Depression, Separated From Family For 8 Months, Drove Him To Suicide, Anonymous Source

Source: Berita Harian Online

Malaysia – A Malaysian man in his 30s died on the 15th October 2020 (Thursday) as he plunged from the 8th floor of his apartment in Singapore.

The news of his death has become a cause for concern for the Malaysian authorities as there has been a rising number of suicide cases involving Malaysians recently.

Source: Berita Harian Online

According to an anonymous source, the man worked with a courier company in Singapore and he was suffering from depression due to his increased workload caused by Covid-19 and the fact that he has been away from his family for 8 months ever since the travel restrictions between Singapore and Malaysia were enforced.

Source: Berita Harian Online

(He leaves behind his wife and 4-year old daughter)

Despite his cheerful disposition, the constant reassurances that were given to his family during their video calls and his preparations to return to Johor Bahru through the neoteric Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA), the overbearing factors earlier eventually incited him to take his own life.

The president of the Malaysian-Singapore Workers Task Force (PEMAS), Dayalan Sreebalan, has stated the importance of investigating the instrumental factors that led to these cases.

Thereupon, he has beseeched the central and state government of Malaysia to begin these investigations.

Reporter’s Opinion: This is actually quite worrying.

I just hope we can find a vaccine soon because too many people are suffering from Covid-19 physically and mentally.

As of now, a makeshift solution is to listen to the voices of these workers and provide aid to them so that their plights are not ignored and that they will not feel alone.

The toughest battles are usually the silent ones we face alone.

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