Hoarders And Scalpers Fuel Panic Buying After Malaysia Announces Fresh Chicken Export Ban

Source: SFA

Since the news hit that Malaysia will be halting chicken exports to Singapore from  June 1 onwards, the whole country went into a frenzy, stocking as much fresh chicken as they could.

The Straits Times reported that there were customers who bought up to $300 worth of chicken and chicken parts in a day.

“I had one customer who bought almost $300 worth of chicken and chicken parts… Usually customers don’t buy that much at one go,” – Mdm Tan for The Straits Times

This led to some trolls and unscrupulous scalpers to list fresh chicken on Carousell at exorbitant prices. One seller claims to have more than enough supplies for those who are willing to pay $80 per kilogram of fresh chicken.

Redditors were quick to call out the troll nature of the reseller.

Then there were others trolling on Carousell, putting up listings for “limited edition chicken rice”.

Next up, we have the western food options, also insanely priced.

Some posts appear marketed towards the Crazy Rich Asians side of Singapore.

While all these postings are most likely trolling in nature, hoarding is a real problem that some Singaporeans have. When Singapore first entered its circuit breaker in 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, there were reports of toilet paper and instant noodles hoarding.

The Malaysian ban on chicken exports might impact supplies but panic buying only makes things worse. Excess purchases can eventually lead to food wastage. Singapore imports about 34% of chickens from Malaysia however MOS Desmond Tan mentioned that there is an adequate supply of frozen chicken. About 70% of Singapore’s chicken supply are frozen and comes from other countries.

“If we’re going to panic buy, there will not be enough stock on the shelves. So we’d like to encourage every Singaporean that, during this time, we should from time to time expect that there’ll be some kind of disruption resulting from either geopolitical development or even climate change,” – MOS Desmond Tan for CNA

Reporter’s Opinions: I cannot fucking brain those people who buy hundreds of dollars worth of fresh chicken if it is for personal consumption. Just because they don’t like the taste of frozen chicken.

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Do you realize that when you put the unused fresh chicken in your freezer, you will be cooking frozen chicken the next time?

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With frozen chicken, at least the chicken is flash frozen after they have been prepared in the facilities. Flash frozen means the meat retains the most freshness and when you know how to prepare it, it will taste as delicious as fresh whole chicken.

The ones who should be worried are restaurants and chains that depend on fresh chicken supply but do you see them hoarding?

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Stop being selfish pricks. Prices are already rising for chicken and the more you hoard, the higher the price will skyrocket because of supply and demand.

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