hash.peace Combats Racism and Toxic Online Discourse, Curates Series of Open and Respectful Discussions

Singapore has been rocked by many shocking cases of racism recently, prompting outrage and discourse in the online sphere. hash.peace, a society with beginnings as a community movement  bringing different communities together, has evolved to organizing conversations in society to tackle these difficult topics.

hash.peace visiting a local synagogue in 2018. Credits: hash.peace Facebook page

Speaking with Minister K. Shanmugam on Plan B podcast, hash.peace founder and president Faheema Nazhath noted that online discourse gets emotionally charged, fired up, and difficult to manage. Different members of the public have different opinions on what constitutes racism and respectful dialogue turns into shouting matches. Instead of debating over definitions, hash.peace brings people together to have respectful and open discussions over difficult and sometimes taboo topics in a safe and judgement-free space.

hash.peace discussion on the tudung controversy with different viewpoints. Credits: hash.peace Facebook

Faheema, who was inspired to begin the hash.peace movement to preserve and improve the harmony and social stability in Singapore, has travelled to many countries and seen the dire consequences that societies can face if they fail to protect their racial and religious tolerance. From ethnic to religious minorities being legally persecuted for their ways of life, to threats of communal violence, her perspective on the fragility of other societies drives her to champion the cause locally as well, bringing people from all backgrounds and perspectives into hash.peace sessions.

Faheema breaks the traditional Muslim Ramadan fast with Prince Harry with a date. Credits: Tim Rooke, 2017

With the worrying spate of incidents recently, hash.peace is organizing the hash.peace Conversations series in an effort to improve inter-community relationships and understanding. With the support of MCCY,, the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, and Mental ACT, hash.peace will launch the series with a two-part ‘Living with Racism’ discussion, focusing on mental health for the first part on 10 July 2021.

hash.peace Conversation Series throughout July. Credits: hash.peace Facebook

People hoping to air their grievances on their lived experiences with racism, gain some tips on coping with their mental health, or even to just gain fresh perspectives on the issues can sign up for the conversation on the hash.peace Facebook page. The series will explore not just lived ground realities but also what the business and professional sector can do to promote social harmony and offer a peek into the very diverse and colourful intra-ethnic differences among the Indian community in Singapore, with something to offer everyone regardless of their backgrounds. With the series stretching throughout the month of July, there are many opportunities to join hash.peace in their journey to build a more harmonious and vibrant Singapore.

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Darren Aadam Mak

Written by Darren Aadam Mak

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