Grab Too Expensive? Here Are 3 Car Rental Services You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life

Need an affordable and reliable car to drive around in during this holiday season but traditional car rental companies and Grab fares are insanely expensive?

Check out these three car-sharing platforms that you can use without breaking the bank.


With competitive hourly rates starting from SGD$1 and more than 300 cars available islandwide, Shariot has become a popular choice amongst drivers.

Hirers have to be between the age of 19-65, with a valid Singapore driving licence and 1 year of local driving experience. A one time security deposit of SGD$100 is required when signing up.

Upon signing up, hirers can book and access their cars via a standalone app on iOS or Android without the need for a physical key.Deposit and payment charges are made via the Shariot e-wallet on their app.

Unlike the other services on this list, Shariot allows hirers to enter Malaysia for an extra fee.

However, hirers must return the car with at least ¼ tank of fuel. Penalties for returning below this amount range from SGD$20 to SGD$100.

Additionally, hirers have to return the car at the same carpark and lot they collected the car from.

More details here.


GetGo is an affordable and easy option that does not need a deposit or membership fee. Charges are also made directly to your credit card so no cash needs to be held in an e-wallet.

The service is available to hirers with at least a year of driving experience if they are 19 years old and above, or 25 years old and above without the necessary experience.

Hirers can use their SingPass to register with GetGo. Afterwards, they can make their bookings and access the car via an app as well.

Even though there are no penalties for returning the car on an empty fuel tank, there are various incentives to encourage hirers to do so, ranging from SGD$2 to SGD$6 vouchers for subsequent bookings.

More details here.

3) Car-lite

Unlike Shariot and GetGo that require at least an hour of booking, Car Lite offers hirers the option to book their cars for shorter durations starting from 15 minutes with different tiered pricings.

Hirers have to be 22 years old and above and hold a valid Singapore driving licence with 2 years of local driving experience . Like Shariot, a one time security deposit of SGD$100 is needed. After registering, hirers can book a car through their website on their phone or computer.

Like Shariot, hirers have to top-up their e-wallets to make a booking. Car Lite also requires the car to be returned above ¼ tank of fuel. The penalties for failing this range from SGD$7 to SGD$15.

More details here.

Take your time to choose the car-sharing platform that suits your needs. Always remember to take pictures of the car before collecting and after returning it to safeguard yourself. Drive safe and enjoy the June holidays!

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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