Geylang NPC’s Post Buff Officer Teaching How To Lodge Report Sends Netizens Into Frenzy

A recent posting made by Geylang NPC had netizens hot and bothered for a different reason. 

Source: Facebook, Geylang NPC

Clad in a tight white polo tee, Staff Sergeant Fadhly caught the attention of many, not for the steps to file a report, but it was his fit physique and flexing his huge muscular biceps. 

Netizens felt safe knowing that a strong and fit policeman is on duty to be of service to the public. 

It won’t be surprising honestly judging by the local thirst.

Even Yishun North NPC that went viral with another post earlier joined in on the fun.

The comparisons started to flow in.

For maximum exposure so the message is delivered.

With guns like those, are weapons even necessary?

An apt Popeye the Sailorman reference.

Of course, violence should be avoided at all costs.

The post was made to educate the public on the easy steps to lodge a report online either by using the Singapore Police Force eportal or the self help kiosks available at the police stations.

It comes with step by step foolproof instructions for the public who wants to skip the queue to make simple reports.

It also highlighted the Found Property drop box for Good Samaritans who found a lost item outside and wanted to return it to its rightful owners.

Reporter’s Opinions: Kudos to the social media marketing team of SPF. Two viral posts in a day shows that it’s working.

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Suddenly there is an influx of people wanting to find where Geylang NPC is located. The thirst is real judging by public sentiment.

It’s all on purpose because there is no need for SS Fadhly to flex those guns that hard when it’s a post talking about ease of access. But message delivered I guess?

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