Fish Mysteriously Found Dead at ArtScience Museum’s Pond

Fishes were found mysteriously dead in a pond near ArtScience Museum Singapore. In a post shared on Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook Page, some fishes could be seen floating on the surface of the pond.

Source: Facebook, Marlin Ng (Singapore Wildlife Sightings)

Speculations started to flow in the comments section as netizens tried to explain the sudden death.

Some blamed the air quality and maintenance of the pond.

Poor otters, just because they are infamous for stealing fishes.

You want a one way ticket to the hospital?

There are those that blame irresponsible smokers in the area.

And then there are the jokers.

There are many reasons as to why fishes suddenly die. Stagnant water can also kill fishes because of the low oxygen level in the water. Much like every other living thing in this world, fishes need oxygen to survive. 

Let’s hope the pond is cleared by now before the otters find themselves at an all-they-can eat buffet.

Reporter’s Opinions: I cannot imagine the stench as the fishes decompose in the water. Aquatic life is fragile to be honest.

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Those who have kept goldfishes before will understand. The damn things can literally shit themselves to death.

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There could also be a supernatural element to it. Some cultures believe that fishes dying are a bad omen, unclean spirits are out and about, up to no good.

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Smokers, please be responsible and throw your cigarette butts in the damn dustbin. Don’t harm the environment.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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