Final Photos Of Low IQ Man Hanged For Drug Trafficking Sparks Debate Online

Photos taken of Nagaenthran K Dharamalingam prior to his execution went viral online. Family members of inmates on the death row are allowed to buy clothes for them for a photoshoot before their execution. The photos will be given to the family either shortly before or after execution.

Source: Facebook, Muthamil

In a post made by Kirsten Han, Nagaenthran’s favourite outfit was a dark green polo tee and jeans ensemble.

While it is tragic, there were many netizens that also voiced support for the death penalty. Some had no pity for someone who chose to traffic drugs regardless of his circumstances.

There were Malaysians who agreed with the sentencing and didn’t agree at how he is being glorified for being a drug mule.

One mentioned that drugs destroy families and lives. But you cannot blame the parent and her parenting for the choices her son made as an adult.

It is tragic that he had to die but justice needs to be served.

Netizens shared their sentiments on the photoshoot. Some were sad and horrified that the family had to go through the ordeal of buying him clothes, knowing that it is the last thing they will give him before he’s executed.

Some were outraged at the macabre nature of the whole photoshoot.

Some wondered about the mental state of Nagaenthran and his family as he awaits his fate.

Most prayed for him and his family. May he rest in peace.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking photo is the one of his mother who could not save her son’s life.

Source: Instagram, edgarpix

Nagaenthran’s case gained international attention because of his low IQ. He was assessed to have an IQ of 69, which his supporters say indicates that he is mentally disabled and therefore should not be hanged. However, after many appeals, the court found that he was not intellectually disabled and held to the death sentence. He was executed on 27 Apr 2022.

May he rest in peace and condolences to his family.

Reporter’s Opinions: It is macabre, but in a sense, it is to give the family of the inmate closure of sorts. 

Nothing will balm the heart of a mother and family who lost their son and brother but knowing that he was wearing the clothes they bought for him may give them some solace.

The death sentence is highly controversial because of the crimes it’s applied to. If murderers and smugglers are hanged for their crimes, why aren’t rapists, paedophiles and child abusers given the same? They too steal an innocent victim’s life.

If smugglers and murderers are given the capital punishment for the lives they destroyed, the victims of rapists, abusers and paedophiles have their lives destroyed too, so why aren’t the perpetrators given the same treatment? If smugglers and murderers don’t deserve a chance for reform, why should the other criminals have their second chance?

Hanging drug mules and smugglers is supposed to be a deterrent.  But lately, there have been more  raids done by CNB. There’s also more cases of people behaving erratically and arrested or shot due to drug abuse, including the 65 year old who was shot for wielding a knife against a police officer. One wonders if it is really effective in preventing drug cases today.

May you rest in peace brother.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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