Entrepreneur Cries Foul, Shawl Designs Removed From Shopee, Accuses dUCk Claimed Copyright

dUCk is back again with another controversy, this time for  allegedly reporting other sellers on Shopee for “copyright infringement”.

A Twitter thread posted by Zulaikha Zubir blew up when she brought to light on how her friend’s designs were removed from listing on Shopee on claims of copyright infringement by dUCk group.

Shera Lee is a Malaysian brand that sells scarves for muslim women at affordable prices. It comes in a variety of styles from regular to semi instant hijabs.

Shera was upset to know one of her resellers had her listing removed from Shopee for no reason. Upon further investigations, she found out that it was due an infringement claim. Shopee claimed that dUCk group reached out to them to remove the listing due to an infringement claim.

A quick look on the dUCk website shows nothing similar to the product being sold by Shera Lee.

Top: dUCk, Bottom: Shera Lee

Netizens contributed to the discussion, voicing their disdain for the company and it’s founder who is known for plagiarism and exorbitant product pricings.

Some claimed that Shopee has the tendency to not launch a proper investigation before taking down product listings on their site.

And there are those who wonder if the team is as problematic as their founder.

However, both Vivy and dUCk clarified the matter, saying that it is a misunderstanding. They claimed to not have made any report against the seller.

Despite the clarification, Zulaikha mentioned that the whole issue seems shady because only brand owners can lodge a report on claims of infringement with relevant documents to prove their claims.

Zulaikha ended her Twitter thread by saying that the whole point of viralling the issue is to bring awareness and she doesn’t encourage cyberbullying of any form.

Reporter’s Opinions: Errrrr. I understand why people may not believe the quack quack group because of the countless proven allegations that they stole from other designers without compensating them.

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The whole issue seems shady though. Let’s say that the claim was not made by the group, and it was made by a “counterfeit dUCk” reseller, how did they manage to get ahold of the various documents needed to prove that the IP belongs to them?

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But due to this controversy, the black hijab in question is now out of stock on the official Shera Lee website. Could it be the power of a collective or was it just a good gimmick? And if it was a gimmick stunt pulled by quack quack to trigger sales, it clearly failed because it worked against them.

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