Employer’s List Of Rules To Helper Viralled, Deemed Too Draconian By Netizens

A Facebook post made by Bhing Navato, recounting the experience a fellow domestic worker allegedly went through at the hands of unreasonable employers went viral overnight. In the post, the domestic helper was allegedly said to have been sent back to the agency without the option of transfer simply because she asked for her phone to call her family back home.

The foreign domestic worker (FDW) was allegedly given a list of do’s and don’ts to adhere to which includes not socializing with other maids or strangers, not allowed to own a handphone and it would be confiscated if she was found with it. However, she was still allowed to use the handphone on the weekends.

While some of the requirements like not borrowing money from employers and strangers and to return promptly after grocery shopping are reasonable, the rest of the written rules are rather totalitarian.

The alleged list continues on with not being allowed to eat food belonging to the family unless given and to not compare her salary with other maids because it varies according to capabilities and experience.

Netizens were visibly outraged by what they deem as inhumane treatment towards FDW.

Some were of the opinion that the employer is lying to keep their helper under control.

One seems to believe that the FDW is lying and creating stories just to bully their employers.

Some FDW shared similar experiences with employers from hell.

Others shared their experiences as an employer and how FDW should be treated as humans.

A number of commenters suggested that the FDW report the matter to the Ministry of Manpower as she still has the list and it could be used as evidence for her case.

While the list seems rather strict and stiff, it could be that the message intended for the FDW was not meant to sound inhuman. Language is a very important skill set for everyone to master because in trying to simplify matters, one may end up sounding like a dictator.

Hopefully, the matter can be resolved.

Reporter’s Opinions: Do not compare salaries with others? Now why does that sound so familiar?

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Honestly, I won’t be surprised if it was true because there have been stories about this particular demographic of employers being overbearing, rude and entitled.

Domestic workers are humans, they aren’t your slaves to be treated as such. Some of the rules are reasonable, employers probably don’t want social problems that can arise with borrowing and fraternizing. But to deprive her of her phone when she is a mother of 3 children? That is just cruel.

You expect her to love children, respect and be courteous to your entire family but you yourself create a stifling work environment for her?

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Understand that respect is given and it should be mutual. You cannot demand respect when you refuse to respect another person’s basic human rights.

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