Egyptian TikTokers Arrested For ‘Violating Values Of Egyptian Families’

Two young influencers in Egypt were accused of promoting indecent and immoral behaviour.

Haneen Hossam and Mawada Eladhm was sentenced to two years in jail and a fine of USD 18, 800 on the 23rd of July because they posted content that “violated the values and principles of the Egyptian family”.

Hossam, 20 and a Cairo University student, was arrested after posting a video on TikTok, promoting Likee, a social networking site that offers money for every new sign up referred to its platform. She was accused of inciting debauchery and human trafficking because the authorities interpreted her message as promotion for young women to sell sex online.

Eladhm was arrested by vice police on similar charges based on content uploaded on her social media accounts from 2019 to 2020.

Egyptian public aren’t happy about the arrest which they deemed as ridiculous. They called it a violation of freedom of opinion and expression”. Activists launched a digital campaign demanding the release of the women arrested by using hashtags which translated to “if Egyptian families permit” on Twitter and Facebook.

It seems like the main concern for Egyptian government is how TikTok seems to corrupt the moral conservative values of the Egyptian family unit and takes a no-nonsense approach to arresting and convicting anyone who is suspected of promoting immorality.

Reporter’s Opinion: I don’t even know where to begin with this fuckery.

There are other crimes that weighs heavier on the proverbial scale and you are concerned with a few videos of women having fun? There are murders, rapes and incest going on and this is what you’re concerned with?!

If the argument is that such videos will incite feelings of immorality and it will become a reason as to why women are being harassed and attacked, or families will lose their values, save it.

It all boils down to choice. You have a choice to not watch, to not be influenced and to not rape. Human beings are given the freedom of choice as well as minds to think.

Your values define your morals. Morals are by large a social construct that is built upon your core values instilled in you. If a few videos can shake the foundation of values taught to you, then the problem lies in you, not the things you watch or listen to.

A weak individual will always choose to blame on everything else but themselves.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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