Death Of Twins Ethan And Ashton Triggers A Nation-Wide Outpouring Of Condolences

An outpouring of condolences flowed online after the tragic demise of the 11 year old twins, Ethan and Ashton, who were found near a canal on Friday evening, Jan 21. Fresh flowers, offerings and handwritten notes were left near where they were found.

Credits: CNA
Credits: CNA

A heartfelt message written on a paper plate was also found at the scene.

“May your souls rest in peace and give your family closure. No one deserves this, we mourn as one. God bless your souls and your family. Rest in peace little angels.”

11 Years Old Twins Found Dead At Playground, Police Investigation Still Ongoing

Interfaith prayers were also held on Sunday, Jan 23, for the deceased near the canal where they were found. Representatives from different religious organizations including Imam Mohd Idris from Al-Huda mosque, Venerable Rui Zhen from Beeh Low See Temple and Father Francis Lim from the Church of St Ignatius were seen offering prayers on Sunday morning.

Credits: The Straits Times

The row of white flowers lining up along the canal evokes a sense of sombreness as everyone mourns for the twins.

Credits: CNA
Credits: CNA

Netizens shared their sentiments in the comments section, most mourning the senseless loss of lives.

Some empathized with the mother and the family who lost their sons.

While others were not so forgiving of the father, who has been arrested for suspected involvement with his sons’ deaths.

The verdict will be out soon and it’s time caregivers receive more help.

Most appreciated the inter-faith prayers that were held.

And then of course, there are insensitive trolls.

A post made on Death Kopitiam Facebook page highlights the importance of compassion in such trying times.

Source: Facebook, DeathKopitiamSG

The post also cautioned against using the “burden” of caregiving to justify the death of the twins.

Caregiving is an emotionally and mentally taxing job. No one knows the mental state of the father when it happened but it does not justify the sacrifice of innocent lives, especially the lives of his own flesh and blood.

Reporter’s Opinions: My heart breaks for them, no one deserves this. I just hope their death was a painless one. I cannot fathom the state of their mother and sister right now.

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I have taught special needs children when I was still in the industry, it is not easy. They require extra care but they are always the sweet ones. They are sensitive to your emotional changes and will try to soothe you in their own way.

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While I agree that caregiving for special needs children is taxing, it cannot justify murder as a way out. To a certain extent, I can sympathize with the father for being thoroughly exhausted but it does not excuse his actions.

Dearest Ethan and Ashton,

The nation mourns as one

As we lose two innocents

And heaven gains two angels

May your souls rest in peace.

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Belalang Biru

Written by Belalang Biru

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