DBS, OCBC, Lazada And Many More Notable Brands Are Jumping On Trending PSLE Meme

Ivan and Helen went viral yesterday thanks to a Math problem that allegedly made students cry tears of blood during the 2021 PSLE paper.

Today, a few brands got creative using the problem sum to promote their products. OCBC bank, one of the premiere banks in Singapore, started the ball rolling by promoting their coin deposit services.

The comments section was flooded by creative problem solving individuals. Here are some noteworthy ones.

DBS bank followed suit, echoing the majority’s sentiment from yesterday’s math problem. It’s the cashless age, no one is lugging around that much coins unless they’re running a shop somewhere.

Netizens however were rather critical of the post mainly because of user dissatisfaction with the app. Oops.

Public service announcements came from the healthcare sector.

Source: Facebook, Singapore Red Cross
Source: Singapore General Hospital

LTA made a valid point considering travelling onboard public transport is mostly cashless.

Source: Facebook, Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving

Again, facts.

Dream big they say.

Sengkang and Rochor NPC decided to use the problem as a public service announcement against prevalent online scams.

Source: Facebook, Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre
Source: Facebook, Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre

Lazada, CapitaStar and SingaporeBowling on the other hand is encouraging Ivan and Helen to spend, to help with the economy right now.

But perhaps this is the most effective of all is the post by the Ministry of Finance, stressing on the importance of having savings especially in uncertain times.

Whoever is the social media manager for these brands are doing a brilliant job. This is how it should be in the social media sphere, less toxicity and more creativity.

Reporter’s Opinions: Bloody brilliant OCBC, for taking the chance when they saw it. It really upped their social media game.

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For the rest of the brands, good job in trying to match up and outdo each other in a friendly way.

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Who said Mathematics has to be boring and tear-inducing? You can use such problems to bring awareness about being money smart, tech savvy and even personal hygiene.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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