Creepy Boy Asks For Piggyback Ride In The Middle Of The Night From Stranger, Netizens Warn About Stranger Danger

A recent TikTok video about being approached by a random child wanting a piggyback ride posted by user Xuanlai, blew up overnight. At the time of writing, the video had over 223K views. The incident happened at night in the Tampines East area.


Yes I already filed a police report bc this is not an isolated incident. Please let me know if any of you has experienced the same thing. #sg

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She shared her weird encounter with a boy who demanded that she piggyback him because he said he was hurt and had trouble walking. 

The boy claimed that his upper thigh was injured. She looked for signs that the boy was hurt but she found none. 

Xuan then went on to say that the boy was walking normally despite his claims of having sustained an injury on his upper thigh. Her alarm bells went off and she had a feeling that something bad would happen to her if she followed the boy.

“My gut feeling was going like, ‘get out of there, you’re gonna die if you follow this kid, go home’.”

When he insisted on being given a piggy back ride, Xuan suggested that she “princess carry” him instead.

She said that she wasn’t dressed appropriately to piggyback a child and that she was carrying a lot of things.

Xuan mentioned that the boy was around 11 years old and quite tall for her to piggyback him.

She asked him to hold onto her shoulder and she would help him to the block he wanted to get to. But the boy just walked ahead of her with no limp or difficulty to indicate that he was hurt.

Xuan’s older sister mentioned that there were other people who went through the same experience.

Xuan explained further in the comments section.

Netizens shared similar weird encounters in the comments section.

One said that Xuan did the right thing by trusting her gut.

A sound advice.

Some were concerned over the boy’s well being, saying that his actions were probably taught to him by an adult.

This is also a possibility because such paranormal stories are not unheard of.
Xuan Lai uploaded another video, addressing the concerns raised in the comments section of her previous video.


Reply to @twopratakosong Man I just wanted to ask if anybody else had the same experience and I got called a Karen LOLOL. Anyways stay safe <3

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She said that the purpose of her video was to raise awareness and find others who had similar experiences. Xuan also made a police report about it.

According to the experiences shared, this incident is not an isolated one. If there is something sinister about these incidents, let’s hope the police can get to the bottom of it. 

Remember, stay safe and stay vigilant.

Reporter’s Opinions: Sus. Definitely sus.

But if it is some form of syndicate, you are fucking despicable for using a child to bait others.

It could be anything. An attempted robbery, kidnapping, trafficking, etc. Heck, this is South East Asia, the kid could be carrying some form of saka (spiritual entity) that his elders wanted to pass on to someone else.

The kid probably had no choice but to heed the instructions given to him.

If it was a dare or a stupid prank made for some trend on social media, please stop it la. It’s creepy to ask random strangers to piggyback you especially if you’re a grown ass kid.

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